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    Does Hurricane = sunfish salvage parts

    Will the recent Florida huricanes likely result on an increase in salvage sunfish parts out there on E-bay, etc.? I know that other marine parts floods into the salvage dealers after hurricanes. I've only been looking for sunfish parts for a few months, so I don't know about past years'...
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    Various Hardware

    How about his e-bay handle? I'm looking for various parts to complete my boat. I for one would sure we like to know the name he sells under on ebay, in case he turns up again.
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    Trailering Upright and Trailex Trailers

    Re: BMW roof rack I'd think youd be fine witha quality rack set and plenty of tie downs. Dont for get two from the bumper to the bow handle and two from the rear bumper to the stern if possible (I'm not sure what you'd attach to at the stern though). The tricky part would be getting it off...
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    sail rigging question

    Here is one method as pictured...
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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    Thanks Rich! Thanks, that is the info I was seeking.
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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    Wayne... Wayne, I think I need some directions navigating the site you sugested. I tried the link and registered there. I was not able to find the information I'm seeking about a Minifish. They did have "SuperSunfish" diagrams, etc. but I found no specific info on the Minifish. Further...
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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    Greg, No I don't have both, in fact, neither. I have a Sunfish hull and am working on getting the mast & spars for it. I,ve been offered a Minifish with the sails and spars missing. My thought was that I could use a Sunfish rig on the Minifish as those are still available new and are much...
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    Dimensions of a Minifish Rig?

    Can anyone provide any of the following for a minifish? Length of Mast: Length of Spars: Dimensions or Area of the sail: Could a minifish be set up with a sunfish' rig to make a super minifish? Thanks in advance. Ken
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    Minifish for sale

    Where are you? Where are you, and can you tell us more about condition, color, etc?
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    Mast dimensions

    Thanks! nm Thanks, I appreciate the help. Now I have to find a shipper that will take something over 9 feet without it costing an arm & a leg.
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    Mast dimensions

    I'm having a tough time finding a dealer in my area to get a replacement mast from. I need the dimensions (length and diameter) of a mast so I can estimate shipping costs. A google search didn't yield the answer. Thanks in advance, Ken OR
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    Sunfish Trailer wanted in Illinois

    EZ Loader via UPS, another option Link to EZ Loader UPS-shippable Trailer: Still needs some bunk modification I suspect, but this trailer is a sweet deal. All Galvanized, heavy (I'm 230# and can stand on them) plastic fenders, and well built. I got one for...
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    Sail Dimensions?

    I recently aquired a sunfish hull. I did not get a sail with it, however. Where can I find dimensions, or a measured drawing of a sunfish sail? I want to make a smaller but proportionate sail for begining sailing by my boys. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, Ken
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    Weighing a fish, offbeat, physicists comment?

    The way I read, you will hang one scale from the hook of the second scale and then hang one end of the hull from the hook of the bottom scale. If so, no that will not work. To use multiple scales, each one will need to be hung from a support and each one will need to directly support the weight...
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    Cheap Sunfish or similar, Any condition (in Pacific NW)

    I am looking for Sunfish, Minifish, or a sunfish clone in any condition, Or other makes & models under 15 feet and similar to a sunfish such as several of the O'day boats. I might even consider a Sailfish or Sea Tiger if I found one for the right price. I'm in Oregon and will go as far as...