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    For Sale: Capri 14.2 parts

    Do you still have the mast? A tree fell on mine and broke it last week.
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    Got blown down today...

    Does anyone have dimensions for a set of high wind sails. If you do where did you get them? I was thinking they would need to be custom made, the balance would need to be just right between the size of main and jib. I remember one of my sailing mentors telling me "you should have a suit for...
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    Rigging a jib downhaul for solo sailing

    I thought about doing a block with a spring to keep it inverted but I found this shackle was simpler and easier. I put the tack of the jib through the pin part and then I run the line down through the shackle loop. I just let me line go across the top of the bow and tuck it in my cup holder or...
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    Tips, help, anything...?

    I have never had a great time sailing on main alone in strong winds. Any tips on trim to make it point? In theory raising the centerboard would help to balance, but in this situation it is scary to do because you want to keep the boat upright. I have often thought about getting a high wind...
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    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    There is an older thread somewhere on the forum where they made some relief cuts on the bracket to allow it to release the mast and bolt in the event the rigging fails. If you have time to search you could find pictures on the forum, I remember seeing it and thinking to myself "that's a clever...
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    New owner of 1986 Capri 14.2 saying 'Hi' from Chicago

    I sailed from Dempster beach ramp in Evanston when I lived closer to the city. I moved now and have a place on the chain of lakes. If you want to sail here let me know, I'll help you find the boat ramp a couple blocks from our house.
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    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    When I went through this I had to cut my mast. I had a shop make the stays for me and the material they had to work with was slightly larger than the stock Capri rigging. Custom made professional, and I have peace of mind that it is ironclad, all three stays were upgraded, but I suppose that I...
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    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    The pictures of raising the step show a clever repair. I have already weighed in on this topic in a previous thread, after having been stepped twice. I cut the bottom few inches from my mast, maybe sometime I will regain that by blocking it up too. I'm interested to hear how that is working...
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    Rigging a jib downhaul for solo sailing

    YES! I did this last summer and it works great. It is nice to be able to tie down the jib when not in use for short periods of time, just center both sheets and cleat the downhaul. I will try to get you a few pics of how I rigged mine later this week.
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    Quick release pins

    I like that roller on the mast crutch, great idea. Seeing your rigs makes me realize how valuable the pickup truck is. When I trailer the Capri all the gear just goes in the bed of the old F250.
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    For Sale: capri 14.2 parts

    Are you selling the furling jib along with the drum?
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    Capri Sailing Video

    I was inspired to look at youtube to see if there were any other sailing videos and I found this one. The thing that I found interesting that I wanted to point out was that they all have loose foot mains. Is this because the sails are designed to be rigged this way, or can any sail be set...
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    First Voyage

    Next time motor under that thing, toes in the straps, heeling hard to port and you should make it. Thanks for the story, I can't wait to get out this spring too.
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    Fuel tank table

    The table is held in place by heavy duty velcro and it works great. The fuel tank is in place, accessible, and if removed no hardware or holes are left behind. I also have a spot to put stuff like lines and a life jacket or two that are accessible but secure and out of the way.