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    Furler angle

    I added a shackle just aft of the furler on the plate to which the furler is mounted.
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    Just bought a used '85... need manual or rigging pics

    I can answer your first question: There's a link to the manual in the blue bar at the top of this forum (C14 Handbook) ;) (I missed it too when I joined and needed specs for the boom...)
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    Need Seitech Dolly Dimensions for Capri 14.2

    Thanks to Vince at AhoyCaptain and Chris at Dynamic Dollies, I now have the parts I need to make my Seitech Dolly fit my Capri. Both gentleman were extremely helpful. For future reference for anyone else with a similar problem, the two parts I needed to replace were (see the diagram in the...
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    Continuing rigging saga

    And, I just noticed that it says that on the diagram in the notes (note 4))
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    Continuing rigging saga

    Mine rolls up counter-clockwise (looking at the top of the drum).
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    Continuing rigging saga

    I made a jib sock two years ago from this kit: Sleeve Furling Cover Kit 15' - 21' Luff - Surlast Fabric It was pretty easy to make on my regular sewing machine (sew slowly and use a needle intended for heavy fabric - like denim.) I have sewed before, but not "canvas" and this was the first...
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    Need Seitech Dolly Dimensions for Capri 14.2

    Bumping this in the hopes that I can get a reply. I'd like to order parts soon to prepare for the season. Thanks!
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    Need Seitech Dolly Dimensions for Capri 14.2

    I bought a used Seitech dolly. It is a Configuration 5, which I know is the correct one for the Capri. I put my Capri on it this past weekend, and the tops of the upright stanchions were too narrow and dimpling the hull. This could be from incorrect dimensions in a few places (refer to the...
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    83' 14.2 #53 resurrection

    That bungie is used to hold the hiking straps up off the deck, so it's easier to get your feet under them.
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    Baby Bob installed with just a drill!!!

    I'm looking forward to the pictures. I've been thinking about adding a Baby Bob, but hesitating on the installation
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    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    What is the size of the aluminum extrusion you used?
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    centerboard block replacement

    Screwed. I replaced one of mine last season.
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    For Sale: capri 14.2 parts

    Is the Baby Bob still available?
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    Boom dimensions?

    The boom has been found! Thanks for all the information and suggestions.