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    mast and boom w/boom kicker,awlgrip paint(matterhorn white)

    Need a rear stanchion. Can you dm me price including shipping USPS priority mail to 96768? bstsurf at gmail Thx!
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    J24 mast for sale 1978

    By chance do you still have the boom? I'll take it if so bstsurf at gmail Thx!
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    Parting out my J/24

    Do you have the boom still? I see mast was gone but didn't see mention of the boom. bstsurf at gmail. Thx!
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    J/24 mast, boom, vang, tiller, rudder HW

    Hi NJ sailor, If the boom hasn't been broken and is decent and functional, I'll take it. bstsurf at gmail Thanks!
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    J-24 Parts

    Hi Art, can you lmk how much for a boom? As well, a jib winch on cabin top if you have one? I am in Hawaii so I'll have to figure best way to ship it here. Thx bstsurf at gmail
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    parting out J24

    Never heard if rudder is sold but if not, I need the rudder. As well as deck winch and mainsail. 8o8.250.348three
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    Parting out '78 J24

    The original style rudders means it has pintle pins? can you send me email so we can talk shipping and a pic? bstsurf at gmail Thx
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    Wanted: J24 spinnaker launch bag for sea scout boat

    Hi Bill, I may have what you seek. Send me an email to bst surf (nospace between) at gmail and I'll send pictures. For Sea Scouts, I would donate. I am looking for a rudder in case you come across one as well.