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    Replacing spreader info and questions

    Thanks J24_Nancy. Mine has a bar that protrudes and I am not sure if it's a thru-bar but it does have an angle. The spreaders I took off had a bit of the back milled off so to get more angle. I got an angle guage for building and I will use that to try to drill holes.
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    Replacing spreader info and questions

    After searching, I found our spreaders (2nd gen spreaders, foil shape) at Dwyer Mast PN DH2503C 30" for about $60 ea with shipping. I have read as much as I can find about angles etc. but had some questions. 1) do people have and use spreader adjusters? Ours had them but the welding shop...
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    Transom gudgeon bolt length?

    Nice job BFD. Good call on the Alum vs stainless as I went to put the stainless back on and holes were too tight so it got a little 4200 messy. I just did the same job and fwiw, I found the Racelite gudgeons cheaper and the bolt holes lined up perfectly. The Racelite folks are great and...
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    1977 J24 parts available

    Bob, these are hank on headsails so, if you mean pre-feeder, they aren't used on a J24 much if at all that I have seen but I don't know across the country. DM me if you want, I have one if you are looking for one like thios Schaefer Genoa Roller Prefeeder Don't want to hijack OP thread..
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    dm sent for rest of stanchions (3) plus stanchion bases.
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    Can you lmk if you find the stanchion bases, I need the forward ones. Also, I'll take some stanchion tubes, pm me the price. Also, lmk if any of the harken cam cleats are decent and how much/many you have. Thx
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    Gin Pole for Mast Stepping? Anyone have instructions / images to share?

    I would add to the VinceH info that if you use spectra or an old halyard that is good quality for the gin pole shrouds, it keeps the whole rig stable. It gets precarious and your first time you'll be nervous but it works well. Also, tie a line to the loop under the spreaders that you use to...
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    Simrad Tiller Autopilot

    I have used one before and they work surprisingly well. Not on a j24 though. Have to make sure the plug is good as you don't want it losing power if aren't paying attention for awhile.
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    J24 part out

    Hi Justin, I am looking for spreaders and forward stanchion bases. Lmk if you have them please. Thx
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    Can you post a pic of spreaders? They look to be a little different than my style. Thx!
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    A Few J24 Parts

    If Txj24 doesn't want spreader brackets lmk. Thx
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    mast and boom w/boom kicker,awlgrip paint(matterhorn white)

    Need a rear stanchion. Can you dm me price including shipping USPS priority mail to 96768? bstsurf at gmail Thx!
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    J24 mast for sale 1978

    By chance do you still have the boom? I'll take it if so bstsurf at gmail Thx!
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    Parting out my J/24

    Do you have the boom still? I see mast was gone but didn't see mention of the boom. bstsurf at gmail. Thx!
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    J-24 Parts

    Hi Art, can you lmk how much for a boom? As well, a jib winch on cabin top if you have one? I am in Hawaii so I'll have to figure best way to ship it here. Thx bstsurf at gmail