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    Old Sails wanted

    Greetings! Glad you like the snark. We never saw you out sailing and wondered if you had a chance to sail before the cold set in! How are you transporting the sunfish? On your roof? That would be a task! Sure I would be interested possibly in that sail to patch mine. For Our sunflower sail I...
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    Old Sails wanted

    Hello. I haven't sailed these old sunfishes yet (much work to do on the parts) only a sunflower we also bought this summer and fixed up. I am pretty much a beginner and yes lake Arthur is our lake! We have paddled kayaks there for many years and have now added sailing. I sailed a bit when I...
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    Old Sails wanted

    I am looking for a inexpensive/free old sail so I can cut some areas to fix a sail I just picked up with a large hole/chew spot and a smaller hole. This is a patchwork of parts for our sunfish - some spars were too damaged to repair so i found some old ones that may work. I could also use...
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    Wanted used sunfish

    We are looking for a cared for, used sunfish. Reasonable. Will help teens learn a nice new healthy activity! Pittsburgh Area or within reasonable driving distance.