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    gel coat blisters

    i have little gel coat blisters. is the capri a wood core hull? should i worry or sail it?
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    Long Shaft or Short Shaft?

    I just bought a '68 evinrude short shaft and it looks like it is plenty. it is mounted on a motor mount, transom mounted it would prolly be short. 2 horse should be plenty.
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    Transporting and Storing

    a 2x4, some pintles or4 a bolt and you have a mast crutch.
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    Just bought a 14.2

    Over the winter I have done nothing to my capri. to busy iceboating. I am going to start fabricating an almost waterproof hatch this evening, and shrouds and stays are on the way. fairing and painting my rudder and centerboard is next. and you are never too old for a laser!:D
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    Outboard Motor or Paddle?

    How did you do that?
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    Just bought a 14.2

    I may be ok, since they have been replaced before, right? is there some kinda history of these things being defective?
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    Just bought a 14.2

    tree fell on mast. As a result, mast and standing rigging were all replaced 10 yrs ago. boat is a 1986. what should Ilook for when inspecting shrouds and headstay?
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    Just bought a 14.2

    thanks, man. Ill check those. I picked up a bunch of things I will do on this forum also. Cant wait for spring, hopefully I will have some iceboating photos to post soon. they were out on round lake by petoskey already, but one of the guys hit a weak spot and sunk his boat. they got it out, but...
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    Just bought a 14.2

    Hey, how yall doing? I am new to the forum, I just picked up a mod 1 with decent sails and a factory built trailer for 400 bucks. I got it from a nice older couple who couldnt use it any more. boat is very clean with good rigging. I have a laser that I have been sailing for a year now, and any...