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    Commercial promotion on List Servs?

    Thank you for kind opinions and defending me. Just checking in on these things. JRF
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    Commercial promotion on List Servs?

    And thank you Fred Schroth for defending my inquiry. One year some time ago as District 11 Secretary, I was yelled at by Vanguard in an angry email for organizing a bulk sail of Laser from KO Sailing in TX as they offered a better price than APS in MD. Apparently I was cutting into their...
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    Commercial promotion on List Servs?

    I was just asking for opinions. Oh the past elections? Let's see I spent limited time asking for votes fo these reasons: It was a decision that I was late making, I traveled several hundred miles to a regatta, was working and dealing with a minor med. problem. I am not really worried about...
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    Commercial promotion on List Servs?

    Can a district secretary independently promote any commericial interest they see fit for district membership list servs? Laser Performance is running a Laser giveaway and no doubt this will be used as a market gathering device and promotional tool. District 11 Secretary is currently...
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    Trailer and Dolly

    I am looking on behalf of friends needing trailers and dollies in N. Delaware. I live in Lewes. Please call, 302-465-5563 or 302-645-8829 Thank you. JRF
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    mast upper, please

    seeking any used mast upper in gen. mid-atlantic area; de,md, va, pa, nj 302-645-8829 thank you. jrf
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    I paid my dues today...

    who's pyro chick? My mind is "luffing?" thanks alot. is that you Fred?I say we can come up with a better saying about master sailors. let me get back to you.
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    Wind indicator

    There is the Black Hawk model. I found this indicator to respond well. A set-up to consider is the flipping the bar so the indicator is upside down and though reads the same. This is a helpful way to in part save it from ripping off and going in the drink , whence a sheet from another laser...
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    Sticky goo on sail

    Make sure to rinse sail after applying acetone with a mild soap and water solution. Use a med. course terry cloth. Also, lay the sail out and place a board under the area in question. JRF
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    I paid my dues today...

    Masters have full sails and luffing minds? Speak for yourself. There some of us in rather great physical shape, pointing up wind nicely. As for luffing minds? Does that suggest we might be short on sail trim and long on emptiness of the mental capacity? Can you up with something more...
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    I paid my dues today...

    I could join, but until I know I might in a major 2010 regatta requiring membership. I will wait to re-join. I know they will send you back issues at separate costs than in bulk mailing. Thank you for your comments. How far in the great white north? Traveling regattas and having the means...
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    want All upgraded rigging (used)

    Do you mean vang and cunningham? I have one and will give a reasonable price based on new. But it won't be less than half of price as new. Please call me. 302-645-8829 USA- Lewes, Delaware
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    I paid my dues today...

    Hi FS. I would join again but asking to pro-rate membership fee...
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    I paid my dues today...

    Well, why pay now? I do not get full membership benefits and have to ASK for pro-rate? I wish we had the previous membership system where it's joining date is the renewal date. US Sailing operates that way.
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    Trade for parts

    I want to TRADE a mast upper (any from early years?) for a Harken vang and cunningham. I live in DE, and race in MD and VA. Can also meet in N. DE area, PA/NJ. Since vangs/cunninghams cost many dollars more than a mast upper, the trade value will be negotiated. Thank you. JRF Lewes, DE...