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    Laser Pico W/trailex Alum. Trailer

    2004 Laser Pico in pristine condition. Sails,spars etc. Also like new. Trailex aluminum trailer and tires are also new with buddy bearings installed. If you want a showroom condition Pico and trailer this is the one. For additional information please call me at 720-938-4866. We live in...
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    Pristine Sunfish W/dilly Trailer; Denver Co

    92 Sunfish with custom cover in Denver, Colorado. Looks and sails like new and has always been garaged. Used maybe 5 times! Weighs 118 lbs. And is ready to be raced or for recreation use. This is not a 25-30 year old boat for 800-1000$. It looks new, new, new. Sail, spars, etc. Like new...
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    Sunfish Mast For Sale-Cheap!!!!

    Sorry-IT IS SOLD.
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    Sunfish Mast For Sale-Cheap!!!!

    Forgot to add this on my previous post. Mast is perfectly straight and in average condition. Again make me a offer and its yours. Also forgot to mention that the sail in my previous post is red and white with a window! Thanks John Bradley-720-938-4866.
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    Spars and Recreation Sunfish Sail

    I have a like new set of spars with a excellent condition Sunfish sail attached. I am open to any reasonable offer! Email me or you can call at 720-938-4866. Thanks John Bradley
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    1983 laser- new hampshire

    I am interested in your Laser. Can you send me your phone number so I can call and get additional info. Thanks-John Bradley
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    What To Ask ????

    Thaks Alan for your advice.
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    What To Ask ????

    I have a newer Sunfish that I sail all the time and recently a relative asked me if I would sell his older sunfish for him. This is no ordinary Fish!! It is a 65 and has been hanging in his garage for 43!!! years. It is in pristine condition and has probably been used 5 times-it weighs 131...
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    2003 Sunfish with Trailer

    I am interested in talking to you about the fish. My phone is 303-972-2903 or 720-938-4866. Thanks-John Bradley
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    Daggerboard and Rudder Assembly For Sale

    Rudder assembly and daggerboard have been sold-Thanks guys.
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    Daggerboard and Rudder Assembly For Sale

    I have a 1975 rudder assembly <complete> and a wood daggerboard for sale . Good recreational condition for a fair price. E mail me or call at 303-972-2903 or 720-938-4866.
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    Amf Sunfish Literature Wanted

    In the 80's(/) AMF published a very nice piece of Sunfish literature that was about 28 pages and was free to the public. It was glossy and featured info on learning to sail in one day and had excellent pics. on learning to sail. It also had info. on each of the AMF models(Fish,Mini, Super...