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    Old Laser Cockpit Fittings

    Hi all, So with summer just around the corner here in New Zealand, I'm finally getting around to doing some work on my old (1987) Laser. I've inserted a couple of inspection ports and reinforced the mast step but now I'm looking at the cockpit. I was planning on just reinforcing the mast...
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    Old Laser Retrofit

    Thanks for all your advice guys- I really appreciate it! I think I might put a few holes in the old girl for inspection ports and see how she's fairing inside. I'd much rather strengthen the mast step than fix it after it's broken!
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    Old Laser Retrofit

    I've purchased an old laser (1987) and am wondering if it's possible to retrofit it and put a cunningham plate and a cam cleat plate on it. It would, of course, require drilling into the deck in order to place the screws in and I do not know if this is safe or even possible to do. Any help or...