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    J/24 Bowsprit and Sternsprit

    I have a perfect bowsprit and sternsprit for sale. Welds are good and the chrome is good no kinks in the tubing. Message me for details or to arrange shipping. $250 for each.
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    1979 #469 J/24 w/Trailer

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    1979 #469 J/24 w/Trailer

    So hate to sell it since i love being on it almost every day, but moving to florida and would prefer to not have to ship it. That being said wont take lowball offer since i can just have a crew move it. J/24 Hull number 469 Good condition Hull is nice and solid. Black mast and boom All...
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    J24 1730 Tampa Bay

    Hey dale, your email doesnt seem to work been trying to get in touch.