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    Sails for sale in Seattle

    250 is a deal, had to ask, you understand. I am aspiring to spending 900, just needing to get started, these light winds and strong currents down here in south sound cant go anywhere with out a Genny. Have a brother that lives near the U that could swing the deal and deliver it to me this...
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    Sails for sale in Seattle

    Hi Bill, I'm in Shelton, Totten inlet, just bought a J and the Genny is 1980(I found while cleaning and preparing to tape a rip) so anything will be an improvement. The boat has been sitting and a lot of dust and mussels to shake off to get her preforming again. It will be a week or so before I...
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    Sails for sale in Seattle

    Still have the Genoa?
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    Well used sails cheap

    Do you still have a Genoa?