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    Laser training videos

    I was not sure where to put these but I thought these Laser videos would be of interest: Rigging Starting Mark rounding Tacking and Gybing Boatwork YouTube - Jon Emmett recovering and derigging
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    Can someone give PDF version of Ben AInslie book "Laser Campaign manual"?

    Thank you very much for all your support. Be Your Own Sailing Coach was written on the basis of over 10 years coaching experience. It was also written at a very bad time in my life after just having major spinal surgery. So it is very special to me. Jon
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    Olympic selection

    Well the Olympic classes (or at least the type of boats) in the 2012 Olympics will be decided in the next few weeks. Hopefully the Laser and the Radial will both keep there places. Some interesting discussion can be found on and . Why not have some...