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    2015 laser 209642

    No dolly or trailer. We have a launching pad
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    2015 laser 209642

    I have a new stopper
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    NEW YORK 2015 laser 209642

    2015 laser performance Standard and radial 1 North race sail standard, 1 standard new practice sail 1 new radial practice sail New upgraded lines Carbon fiber tiller and extension Deck cover and bottom cover blade bag. boat was sailed very little and is in great condition 315-439-7983
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    2015 (Laser Performance) Laser

    Carbon fiber tiller and extension included
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    NEW YORK 2015 (Laser Performance) Laser

    Standard rig 2015 laser Raced for in 2015 worlds and not sailed much since North racing sail not used much New practice sail never used New lines Top cover Bottom cover Blade bag Carbon fiber tiller and extension Excellent condition and race ready $6300