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    sailing competition coming up...

    Tony is right, but if you want to tinker with the boat check out the ACTIVATE pages of the UKLA website, loads of useful info.....
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    Splicing vectran traveller

    Instead of a bowline to complete the simple loop and as a handle
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    Splicing vectran traveller

    Is it class legal to splice a vectran traveller?
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    Traveller question - is it class legal to splice a vectran traveller?

    Traveller question - is it class legal to splice a vectran traveller?
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    Laser sail quality and cost

    If you don't a want to sail a strict one design boat - go buy something else and then you'll see what great value for money a Laser is.
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    What price would you be willing to pay

    Will be great to see you Saturday, there is going to be consideration for radials.... L1,2,3 prizes; R1,2,3 prizes and if I twist the PROs arm handicap overall results, what do you think?
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    What price would you be willing to pay

    The club sailor in the UK has 10 Grand Prix regions with great racing at great venues (to quote Adam John) these events are fab value for money with high turnouts. For example this coming Saturday 13th Feb, South Cerney Sailing Club 'WESSEX AREA WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS' - breakfast snack, tea or...
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    Replica Gear: Let's Get It All Out In The Open!!

    RS100 style sail with camber inducers ........ ? :rolleyes:
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    The class IS listening

    The class is listening... to the builders Only if we're (as the sailors) not class members, the higher membership levels the greater the voice we (the sailors) have. So great efforts should be undertaken to get ALL Laser sailors to join the class Association, then we (the sailors) can say...
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    New bailer replacement...spring

    New sail? If there is a new sail wouldn't be class legal until Jan 2013, so we'll have to make do. From a personal point of view I think the current sail is fine.....
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    New bailer replacement...spring

    Well, it looks like the designer Steve Green has solved the O ring problem.... all we have to do as class members is vote it in.... Have a look at down load the Dec 08 'Laserworld' and have a read of the last page :)
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    Transporting Lasers

    Check out the stacking dollies used by PSE for the boats in China, also have a look at , the new dollies sold by PSE in the UK are from Dixon Bates. The problem always seems to be.....where do you put the spars? Hope this helps?