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    Looking for a replacement center board for a 470...

    Try the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center - I think they have some; write to
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    Legacy 470 masts

    Legacy (older) 470 masts and rigging available from the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center
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    2002 Mackay 470 with Road Trailer

    I downloaded Telegram. You will have to contact me using my contact info from the ad
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    2002 Mackay 470 with Road Trailer

    2002 Mackay ---sold--- for sale at the attractive price of $3450 Road Trailer Super Spar Selden Cumulus Mast Top Cover Yard Dolly Blood Axe Centerboard and Rudder Blades Spinnaker pole Carbon Fiber Rudder Head /Tiller plus the original Rudder Head Twin Compasses Continuous Retracting Line System...
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    Austin, if you send me an email I can put you on our email list for 470ers that would like to do...

    Austin, if you send me an email I can put you on our email list for 470ers that would like to do regattas in the Midwest region. My email is -John Michael
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    Looking for a 470 boom

    The Milwaukee Communuity Sailing Center has several booms available for sale. Contact Jared at (
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    470's in New England?

    go to the Rigging and Tuning under the Resources area of this website for how to rig current boats. They have evolved a bit though
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    Selden Mast for Sale

    Is this an M7+ and does it have a halyard lock? write me at
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    Halyard for 470

    It depends if you have a halyard lock. Even if you have one you can bypass it. Using a rope to wire is usual if it has to have a little ball crimped on it for the halyard lock. Otherwise I would suggest pure Dyneema or Vectran- those are the nearly unbreakable stronger than wire ropes. You...
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    Teams in Michigan?

    There is a network of 470s in the Midwest that hold regattas throughout the summer. Contact me at Midwest Regatta dates May 2 – 3 Opeka spring Chicago May 30 – 31 Sailing for Veterans Carlyle, Il July 18 – 19 Doug drake Opeka, Chicago Sep 12 – 13...
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    What do you think of this used 470 for $250

    An old trailer is worth more than $250, they threw in a boat to boot- not bad. If you need parts for an older boat or sails, our local community sailing center stripped several 470s when decommissioning the boats. They have parts at very reasonable prices. Contact Peter at MCSC (414) 277-9094...
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    Parker 470

    Contact the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center. They may have the parts you are looking for; Peter Rieck JaredDrake
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    Early 1980 and 1970s Vintage 470 Boat Parts and Sails

    MCSC has tons of parts and sails left, but no more hulls or trailers
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    Finding 470 Parts

    Write to Peter Rieck, the Director of the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center at or simply call him at (414) 277-9094 to inquire about spare parts. The club decommissioned about 20 boats aged in the 1970s though the late 1980s and they are selling off tons of parts and...
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    470 Sail Number Issuance - 470 Sail Number Issuance

    New 470 Sail Numbers are issued through the US 470 Association. Please contact us with updates if buying or selling a boat as well so we may trace ownership. Contact