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    Questions on buying a boat and light repairs

    New England is a pretty big area, if you narrow it down there might be help near by
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    Vang rigging ?

    I use a small plastic cleat with stainless screws, drill pilot holes and put a drop of 5200 on the threads. I unexpectedly tested it in 36 knot winds and it held fine. To tie in a vang, use the extra halyard from the deck cleat, back through the deck fairlead, up over the gooseneck and back...
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    When is it time to call it quits?

    I will quit sailing when I die at the tiller
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    Strange goings-on in the Sunfish class

    I see this turning in to a royal cluster flip and the losers are going to be us.
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    The tiller extension on my 69 sf

    I guess you could say when I'm hiked out like that I am mostly overboard
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    The tiller extension on my 69 sf

    When fully hiked out I need an extension, I sit as close to front of the cockpit as I can
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    New (to me) Fish

    Welcome I'm just up the road, if you need help feel free to ask
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    Looking to start competing

    A good skipper with an average boat will usually beat a poor skipper with the best boat.
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    Looking for a sail with a window

    Don't sell yourself short. Someone much smarter then I suggested that learning with substandard equipment results in substandard training. If you know your equipment is at it's best, you can focus on refining you, which I think is your goal.
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    I have never adjusted my rig to set the clew, I adjust goose neck and halyard location. The clew ends up where it ends up. If it's getting buried in the waves, sail flatter, flat is fast.
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    Daggerboard aerodynamic advice

    A boat, is a hole in the water, you throw money into. All of them
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    Whoops there's foam here: On inspection ports

    I thought about it. Then I said screw it and went sailing. Waste of energy and just makes a mess.
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    Whoops there's foam here: On inspection ports

    I had the same thing, used a sheet rock saw to cut the foam.
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    Red/white/blue Intensity sail

    Try Chris Cole at Loong Sails I got a really nice green white from him
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    Red/white/blue Intensity sail