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    Wanted - Late model Catalina 14.2

    Helping a friend of mine to get into sailing. He likes the 14.2 Expo. Please contact John Barbano at 609-203-6114 if you are looking to sell your boat to a wonderful family as their first sailboat!
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    Sunfish Wanted NJ, NY, DE, MD, PA

    looking for a late model race ready sunfish in very good condition..... live in NJ but can drive reasonable distance to pick it up.. trailer not needed... thank you!
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    Sunfish for sale; NJ near Phila

    Gtim: what boat is that? which post... there is one in Erie and one in Atlanta?
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    Sunfish for sale; NJ near Phila

    Judy ... did you sell this boat ? John B from BBYC ? :) !