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    New Sailing Video!!! Whoohoo!!!

    Watch out for alligators...
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    Venice, La - Oil Spill HQ - Video

    All of the waterways are blocked off for oil containment, so we took a road trip in the car to show everybody what goes on in Venice and what the Louisiana coastline looks like. YouTube- Venice, La - Special Report I apologize that we're not on a sailboat, but a 24ft S2 has been loaned to...
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    I Broke My New Boat - Funny Video!!!

    Turkeys on the tiller, Watch Out!!!
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    Sailing to Catalina Island - Sweet Video!!!

    Go Venture 25 Go! Catalina Part 1 Sailing to the island across 24 miles of open ocean infested with man-eating dolphins. Catalina Part 2 Exploring the island then sailing home with a harem of mermaids.