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    Crispy North J24 Kite

    Did not receive the pictures. Can you resend them?
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    Crispy North J24 Kite

    pls send to
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    Crispy North J24 Kite

    Can you send me or post some pictures of the sail please?
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    Looking for crew: Miami State Florida championship.

    Hello, I'm looking for crew this summer to participate to the Miami State FL Champ on the 23 / 24 of July 2016. the race is hosted by Coral reef yacht Club. Thank you. Alfonso
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    New j/24 spinnaker

    Hi, can you send pictures? which brand?
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    Almost New North Sails

    Do you still have any sails to sell?
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    Crispy North J24 Kite

    Hi Daniel, I'm interested but I'm not sure about the logo? Is it printed on it? Is there anyway we can remove it? Also, what about sail numbers? Also printed? We are in Miami, do you know how much will be shipping it? Thank you.