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    Super Sunfish halyard

    Does anyone have a picture of what the super sunfish halyard looks like or is supposed to work? I am coming up empty on this. Is it a rope or a cable? Or some combination? What do I need to rig my own? This was missing from the boat i bought recently.
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    Super Sunfish rigging help

    mine looks like the one in the picute on this post : here i am missing the pulley assembly closest to the camera.
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    Super Sunfish rigging help

    thanks. that helps alot, mine is slightly different as it has the metal bar with the travel on it inside the front of the cockpit for the pulley to attach to. what I am still missing though, is I have done a fair amount of googling, and still cannot work out how the top of the sail is held up.
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    Super Sunfish rigging help

    i recently aquired a super sunfish, and know very little about it. pleas forgive me because I don't know the proper terminology for all the rigging, but i need help aquiring a few missing lines and parts. the boat is mostly complete, but here is what i need: 1.whatever line and clip holds the...