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    Never sailed before, some questions

    Going back to the seasickness topic, this is something I researched extensively a while ago. I tend to get motion sickness under certain conditions: - when my eyes cannot see what my balance system is feeling. So inside a keelboat, with lots of up-and-down combined with side-to-side, and all I...
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    when is it windy?

    I've been closely watching the predictions from for my two main sailing areas (London, ON and southern Lake Huron). The "Wind Forecast" map has been generally in the best agreement with the actual development of the wind direction and speed this summer so far. Bear in mind that...
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    Right of way

    I was sailing my 'fish at my usual haunt last summer, on starboard tack. A member of our yacht club with a larger vessel was on port tack, and did not give way, despite a loud last-minute verbal warning of "Starboard!". I had to fall off to pass to his starboard. He was to sunward and so I...
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    Proper method for naming a boat?

    The naming of vessels in Canada is governed by Transport Canada's Canadian Register of Vessels. Uniqueness is the primary qualifier. I didn't search too hard for rules on onscenity, questionable taste, etc. For a detailed explanation and FAQ, see this link...
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    Cockpit lip temporary repair

    Hello, all! I was recently sailing an old 'fish at a resort. This is a beater boat that gets used by perhaps four-six people over the summer. I didn't really look too closely at the boat before going out, but heard some cracking at the back of the cockpit while on a broad reach. The aluminum...
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    1976 sunfish….finally restored.

    This is a really beautiful job! You've inspired me to rejuvenate my old "fish come fall. Where did you get the nice white edge strip material?
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    Cam cleats mounted outboard

    It is probably heresy to suggest joining another forum, but the Sunfish_Sailor group in Yahoo ( has a lot of good pictures posted on this topic. Once you are joined up and signed in, search "cam cleat" and you will see a lot of discussion, plus pointers to the photos section...