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    For Sale:  1971 Omega 14 hull #495 Oregon

    40 years old but ready for sailing. Trailer, sails, rigging, hull... all is good shape! $900 obo - Might consider trade for ATV or utility trailer- just dont have time for sailing anymore(
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    For Sale:  1971 Omega 14' in Oregon

    This classic is in great shape and ready for the water with new Oregon numbers and new stays! Pictures available! $950 obo. email -
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    Mast setup

    Thanks Jim! Thanks for the information; I can't wait to get the Omega out just to play but have a long way to go. I would like more details about the person who repaired your boat as a hobby; maybe they have friends with similar interests in Oregon?
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    Mast setup

    I just bought an OMega 14 #495 from an older gentleman who lost some parts etc. But he tells me the mast sits on top of 2 pins. Attached are pics of the mast bottom and footing(?). Is this correct or is something missing? Sorry- I am just a novice but looking forward to learning. By the way...