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    Expo 14.2

    Just about anywhere you can find a spot to launch is a great spot. The water is beautiful, the best part of being in the Keys is to be on the water. BTW I take my boom down to trailer. The boat is high on the trailer and with the boom up, I can't back it into the garage.
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    Trailer weight of expo 14.2

    Should be no problem. You're not crossing the Rockies are you?
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    Another Baby Bob attachment option

    That looks great. Nice work.
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    A family of expos

    That is a great fleet. I really like my Expo14.2. I have the same motor mount, and have easily used my Honda 2.3 as well as a small electric trolling motor. Such a combination of great ideas.
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    Expo 14.2

    Obviously, they are not given much acknowledgement by the C14 purist, based on the responses to my original post. However, in the spectrum of small single-handed sailing, they are awesome. So simple to rig, launch, retrieve, and sail, and yet capable of excellent performance. For someone...
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    Expo 14.2

    I took delivery of my new Expo 14.2 last week from Tikiwatersports in Key Largo, FL. It is a terrific boat and suits my personal needs better than anything else I've ever owned, ( I've owned quite a few under 28' sailboats in my 50 yr. sailing pursuit). Motor mount on port side of stern holds...
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    I believe that the 57lbs. is too much for the Capri. Additionally, whatever motor mount should be selected with the ability to install it correctly in mind. Since the transom of a Capri is hollow, it is necessary to install a backing plate to any motor mount you choose. The backing plate is...
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    Beginner sail

    Mark, if you have never sailed before, and even if you have, I am a big fan of small boats. It is not always easy to come up with a crew, especially on short notice. Frequently, the breeze cannot be predicted so I often find myself with perfect conditions and no one that is available. Over...
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    Starting Off With Sailing, Request Some Guidance.

    Buy a used Sunfish, laser, Mirror, etc., and invest your time. When you can sail a Sunfish well, moving up to a larger boat is easy.
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    Who is right?

    It looks good. I wouldn't angst about restoring it to "original". I'd be inclined to just go sailing.
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    Any reviews on the Rollaboat dolly?

    For me, the greatest disadvantage of the RBT is getting it into the dagger board slot. Sailing solo, there just doesn't seem to be an easy way to get it in. Likewise, if you are pulling the boat on or worse, off a trailer, it is difficult for 1 person to get it set up. Once on it rolls the...
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    Docking tips

    Dear Laughing Lovely, although beach launching and retrieving is easiest, a dock will work out ok. First off, I'd make sure I had a decent collapsable paddle. The paddle allows you to turn the Sunfish into the wind and drop the sail if you are returning, or raise the sail if you are headed...
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    Minifish; novelty or legitimate?

    Blank, where are you and the mini located?
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    time to sail yet?

    Another few weeks and your good to go.
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    As requested.....Video is complete

    Very, very nice!! Looks like it was a great day, and the music was perfect. I'm nominating you for an Academy Award.