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    How to remove old rubrail?

    Rub Rail Hey Dave, Do you have any pictures of the bow of your boat with the new rub rail. I'm goin to order some of that, I think it will cover my chipped up bow nicely. I just want to know how hard it was making that tight corner. Post em if you got em.
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    Rub rail

    Hey Dave, Hope you see this. Did you have any pictures of the bow of your boat with the new rub rail on, and perhaps some wise words abour going around a tight corner? Was it hard? I'm putting the new style of rub rail on my boat when it arrives so I don't have to fix the fiberglass on the bow...
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    Centerboard or rudder

    The blades on my boat are pretty banged up. If anyone has boards or rudders in good shape, let me know.
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    Centerboard rudder

    Before I go and give catalina more money, does anyone have a centerboard and rudder they want to get rid of?
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    Rub rail

    I haven't put it on just yet. Getting it off was not so bad, I used a chisel and hammer to get the alien glue off. After that I came back with a dremel tool and got the rest off. Putting the new stuff on shouldn't be too hard. I bought it through catalina, and it was like 40 bucks, it just snaps...
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    How to get my Capri upside down?

    Maybe a little late I just had my 14.2 off the trailer and in the garage for a while sanding and painting. The best way I found to get it off the trailer and back on was to use my front lawn. I moved the trailer on to the front lawn, hosed down the whole bottom of the boat and the grass, undo...
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    How to restore the teak in Capri

    Teak Mine is and 86' and looked bad when I got the boat. I removed it, sanded it, and covered it with clear urethane. It looks great now. As for the teak plugs, I got a piece of teak dowel of the same diameter and just wood glued them in and hit them with the urethane.
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    Considering Capri 14.2 for family of 5

    I second what Jack says. I've sailed my 14.2 with another adult couple and a small cooler in the cockpit, it was just fine. I think the wind was something like 8 -10 that day, we didn't switch sides at all. Now kids don't always stay where you put them, but I guess that just depends on the kids.
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    Wanted Main Sail Cover and Centerboard

    I'm going to be dry sailing my boat soon, and want to get a main sail cover. There was one on ebay that I almost had but some guy had a little faster connection than I did. Anyhow, if some one has a on the boom mainsail cover for a 14.2, I'm interested. Also in the market for a centerboard in...
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    First Time Setting up the Rigging = Miserable Failure

    Whisker Pole The Hand book says 36" from mast foot to center of the Whisker Pole Eye. Also, If some one has a whisker pole they would like to get rid of, I maybe interested. Email me and tell me what you want for it.
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    Hull Painting

    Painting When you shot that boat with the fusion, did you just get it in rattle cans, or did you buy it in bulk and shoot it with a compressor and gun? I'm preping my 14.2 for painting now, and was going to buy some expensive bottom paint, but if I can get away with a case of rattle cans, I'll...
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    Rub rail

    Rubrail Well, I called catalina and ordered some new rubrail. Turns out they had it, well we're all pretty sure it was it. It's 80 cents a foot. I know they used some glue that was reversed engineered from alien technology at area 51, but I'm going to try my best to get it off. I guess I can't...
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    First Time Setting up the Rigging = Miserable Failure

    As for the block on the front of the mast, I think you're talking about the jib halyard block, it's right under the forestay. One end of your jib halyard attaches to the head of your jib, it probably has a shackle on it. the other end goes through the block and down to one of the cleats near the...
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    First Time Setting up the Rigging = Miserable Failure

    Rigging Getting the mast up is the hardes't part. As for the rest, deinetly get the hand book. It will answer alot of questions about where lines and blocks go, how long they should be, and how to set it all up. I was sailing my boat for about 6 months and had somethings rigged completely wrong.
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    Rub rail

    Forgot the picture. And now for the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!