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    This is something I've given a lot of thought to, and my conclusion isn't nearly as pessimistic. Using a trapeze does add force to the mast, trying to pull it down through the deck as Jeff suggests, but that's really the only concern. A trap tends to unload the windward stay, so affecting the...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    Walt, that is wicked! I can't tell you how much fun I had reading your C-15 pages. It's so rewarding to see someone having so much fun working on their sailboat. About your mast float, I would perform one more test. Lay the boat over in the shallows like you did, and then push on the hull...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    It would seem that sealing the mast helps since Catalina saw fit to seal mine at the factory. Unfortunately, when we turtled, the boat was upside down in under 15 seconds. The wind increased from about 10 knots to over 20 knots in about half an hour and there were four of us aboard - my wife and...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    Hey Steve, Sounds like you escaped any major problems. Your mast is probably sealed and there should be some bagged floatation under each of the seats. Still, it's amazing how much water it can take in while upside down. When mine turtled, I found the main water entry spot was under the deck...
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    Dimension/Position of rigging on Mast

    I think all this is covered in the C14 Handbook, link at top of this page.
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    Sandy Point (Chesapeake MD)

    It's been a while since sailing off of Sandy Point, but we didn't use the trailer ramps. There is one other ramp right on the bay designed for car-top boats and catamarans. It leads from a parking lot to one of the beaches, then you have to drag/carry your boat across the sand to the water. The...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    Steve, I wouldn't disconnect the forestay. Once the mast starts to pivot, the shrouds won't be able to prevent the mast from bending sideways at the foot. You could cause some serious damage to your deck if something gets twisted. Oddly, yours is exactly the opposite experience I had when my...
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    I would say it depends. A Capri would be fine if someone experienced is going to teach you. Otherwise I would start with a mono-sail boat like a Sunfish or Laser. This is especially true if you plan to sail single-handed. The Capri has a lot of sail area for its size and it's easy to get in over...
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    Newbie question - can I step mast with boat in water dockside

    Stepping the mast seems a bit hairy just by myself when the boat is firmly strapped to the trailer. In the water, I would suggest having someone attach the forestay as you hold the mast upright. About leaving the boat in the water tethered to the dock, I'm thinking you might not be too happy...
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    Reefing point suggestions needed

    Hi Ahmed, If I remember correctly, the line supplied with the Sailrite kit was long enough but it was too heavy for the application so I substituted a thinner line. Hope this helps, Jim
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    Water in Hull

    Michael, With the exception of the one time my boat turtled, the hull stays completely dry after a day of sailing. If yours is consistently taking in water, maybe you have a crack somewhere below the water line? This could happen when the tides are extra high, putting the boat back in the...
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    Water in Hull

    Michael, I forgot to ask - do you have a hatch or a plastic pocket in your cuddy compartment. If the latter, it's unlikely the water is getting in there unless it was removed and not resealed back in place. If yours is an even older model (Mod 1) and you have a hatch, perhaps it isn't sealing...
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    Water in Hull

    Hi Michael, I don't think it's likely the water did any serious damage to your C-14. Most boats are designed to tolerate constant water water in the bilge; at least that's true of all the fiberglass boats I've had. You might have some mold growing in there. What color was the water when you...
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    The Spring Fashion Thread

    This is a good question. I usually don't dress for the water 'cause even if I capsize, I'll only be in it for a minute or two. So if the air is warm and the water is cold, trunks and a t-shirt are fine for me. If the air is a bit nippy (55-70 range), I've got some neoprene booties and...
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    gel coat blisters

    I have them on mine, too. You have to get down low and look at them in just the right light to see them easily. It's not from wood - there is none in the hull - but from impurities in the lay-up of the polyester. It only happens to boats which are left in the water; more likely in warm, fresh...