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    PENNSYLVANIA Free parts

    I am cleaning the basement and found these parts from an old sunfish. Free to anyone who will pay the shipping or pick them up in macungie Pa or ocean city Nj 0
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    Bronze sunfish parts

    I have the a set of bronze parts rudder mounting parts. Main halyard block Cleat See picture for specifics. I also have a wooden mast. Give me a call to discuss what you want. 4842415213
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    Sunfish Mast and Booms (both)

    I have a used but servicable set of sunfish spars for sale. Gave the fish to my sister, these were spares. Email Directly: Prefer pickup in Allentown PA, but could deliver to near OC NJ as we go there occasionally.
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    Used Boat Question

    I'm considering purchasing a used Capri 14.2. It has a woooden cuddy door and wooden splash guard that leads me to believe it is a mod 1. I have a couple of questions for the experts that are always part of these groups. 1. What is a fair price (ask 1500, I'm thinking around 1100) for a...
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    Old Style Sunfish parts for sale

    Recently someone stopped by my house and offered me his "old but well maintained sunfish" because he had seen mine in the driveway. He said I was "the right buyer". I went over to his house to take a look and he had all the parts but the boat clearly had not been used for quite some time (5...