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    Mast support Here is a drawing of my mast support and it is made of 3/4'' plywood. I took the idea from an earlier post on this forum. I hope this suits your need.
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    Mst plug Here is a picture of my Mod 1 mast head and as far as I can tell no cover is needed on this one. As you can se, I was collecting lake bottom mud for an important scientific project ;).
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    Motor on port or starboard side?

    On my mod 1, I can see a thickening of the transom on the port side. I assumed that it is the sign of reinforcement plywood. Make sure that you motor does not interfere with the main sheet or traveler. The have a tendency to get tangle with the motor control arm as soon as you look the...
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    What do you call this?

    Thanks for the picture This picture is a surprise for me, since I have never used a stop nut above the goose neck slider. I usually raise the main sail all the way up and use the Cunningham to tension the main sail luff, letting the boom slide freely in the mast groove. The previous owner...
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    Rub rail

    Rub rail experts still around? Last summer after carefuly reading all "rub rail" threads, and after purchasing an old style tan rub rail from Catalina, I tried to replace it on my 1987 Capri 14. Half of it came off by easily, while the remaining portion is still firmly attached inside the lip...
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    new 14.2 Capri owner needs help

    Thank you for the manual Thank you Cfoy for the manual, it is a nice complement to the capri 14.2 handbook.
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Thanks for the havy battery If it was not for the fact that my brand new, just out of the box, electrical motor was connected directly to a heavy battery using wing nuts, I would have lost it. As some of you might have experienced, the main sheet or traveler got stuck under the control handle...
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    Centerboard Sticking

    I did both last year: center board and upper lip sanding. How much can you sand on the upper lip before hitting plywood on a mod 1? Thanks...