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    New to Capri part 2

    Good evening all I discovered the fiberglass divider for aft side of the storage locker separated from the lower part of the hull. In maneuvering the loose fiberglass, I discovered a piece of exposed wood at the center of the bottom of the hull. I ended up pulling the divider out to get...
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    New to Capri 14

    Thanks Aquaman. I will call them tomorrow. Snow melting in MN so I'm getting the itch to sail her.
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    New to Capri 14

    Thank Al W. Looks like the part runs around $40.00? Sounds like a time save to buy it there. My boat is the Omega 14 but I'm guessing the part is similar. On the tiller, the previous owner had fashioned a one piece handle. I am thinking a true tiller with a pivot would be better. I didn't...
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    New to Capri 14

    hello all- I bought a used Capri 14, hull# 1947 last summer. This is the first sailboat I've owned. It is sea worthy and I had it out once last summer and loved the boat. I want to do some upgrades this winter before getting it in the water including re-finishing the hull, and replacing some...