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    App for tracking races, race practices, etc?

    Why can't you use it in Laser or Sunfish races?
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    App for tracking races, race practices, etc?

    What app do you use on your phone for tracking your races and practices? I have a favorite and my reasons why but I'm interested in what other people are using and why. Thanks!!
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    Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

    Everyone on here has something to teach each of us. Whether you work in the field, are an expert at something, or are a novice and learned the hard way... Let's learn from each other. This is a space for everyone to post information for others to learn from. Share what you feel will help others...
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    Cruising Cuba- free webinar

    To give more people a chance to join us we have postponed the Cruising Cuba webinar with Waterway Guide until November 15th. Same sign up link.…/regis…/WN_YO94MfRXT7m-GXde8pu1_A Join us in November. Send me your questions and we'll be sure to answer them in the webinar!
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    Cruising Cuba- free webinar

    Ever thought about cruising Cuba? Join me next Wednesday night October 4th at 6pm EST for a FREE webinar featuring #WaterwayGuide Addison Chan and Ed Tillett on cruising Cuba. Cruising Cuba- Preparing for the Ultimate Adventure Sign up here: Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Cruising...
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    Free Webinar- what areas are you interested in learning more about?

    I'll be joining up with Waterway Guide to do a series of free webinars (interviewing the experts!). Some possible topics are below. Which would you like to hear more about? (or is there some other topic that would interest you more)? 1. Using chartplotters and SonarChartLive (among other...
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    Best small sailboat to teach very young child?

    We live on an enclosed lake that's always pretty calm (though we do need to get under a power line with the mast to get out to the lake... we're the second lot off the lake in a canal). What's the best boat for some easy lake sailing to teach a very young child to sail. We'd need something that...
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    Chartering in Thailand

    A group of families is putting together a group family vacation in Thailand. Our tentative plan is to fly into Phuket and bare boatcharter a catamaran there. Looking at the map of the area, there appears to be a no shortage of small islands to explore. Can any give advice on which ones are worth...
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    Transfer your sailing waypoints ... finally!

    FINALLY the ability to update your Navionics card from in the plotter and transfer waypoints is HERE! I'm trying it out on my iPhone and iPad this Independence Day while out sailing our usual course. I use the app and the chartplotter both to save our racing courses. Now I can just transfer...
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    Sailing northern Puerto Rico

    I’m traveling to Puerto Rico this summer and have access to a small condo on the beach in Loiza. I was hoping to do some sailing and snorkeling while there. Does anyone have any recent info on the current health of the reefs there? Where could I find a local sailboat rental? I’ve seen some...
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    New markers

    I updated my chart and all kinds of new markers came up: artificial reefs, reefs, dive spots, etc. Looked it up and apparently there are thousands of new markers throughout Alabama, FL, NC, SC and the rest of the south. Figure I'll go check out some of the reefs off SE FL coast: If you...
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    America's Cup

    In fact, the 35th America's Cup (Bermuda 2017) will be shown on Navionics charts (screenshot below). Whether you're a spectator or a participant this will help you get the best position. Is anyone on this forum going to be able to attend? E Andy, are you going?
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    Lone Palm Regatta

    I recently found out about the Lone Palm Regatta on June 17, 2017 located in Southport, NC. It sounds like a lot of fun. That area is one of my favorite places. I took a pic of the poster that has all the info. The website is I'm hoping to reschedule some things so I can make it!
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    Free webinar

    If you wanted to attend the webinar and missed it, don't worry! It's posted right here: Webinar: Using Navionics Mobile for Power & Sail
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    Free webinar

    Here's the webinar registration link: Welcome! You are invited to join a webinar: Navionics Mobile 101. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the event.