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    Easy way to see the bottom!

    Navionics just released a feature that lets you easily visualize the bottom contours... the bottom of the water body. Makes it super easy to identify channels, fishing spots, dive spots etc. Check out how to get it and what you can do with it.
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    Easier way to see depth on chart

    Public service announcement- some of you Navionics users are familiar with the new SonarChart Shading layer that they rolled out earlier this year. They have now updated it to cover farther offshore and to be more detailed. If you're interested, this article that showed up in my newsfeed today...
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    Go bag for smaller vessels

    With most of my experience in cruising larger sailboats (>30 feet) we always had a "go bag" ready in case of an emergency. What do you have in your go bag on a smaller vessel?
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    New app feature makes it easier to see depth

    I've been sailing in everything from a sunfish to a 44' catamaran for a lot of years using the Navionics app. Last weekend when I went out I updated my app and my charts (I was headed out to a different part of the Florida coast than I was used to) and there is a new look to the charts! There...
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    Traveling with a purpose

    When my husband and I were on our first cruising expedition through the Bahamas and Caribbean for a year we cut our travels short (a little). Why? Because we felt like we were not giving back. We were living selfishly and not giving back to the community and humanity as a whole. That's why...
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    Sailing at home

    As sailors I think there are not many of us that are made for sitting inside and waiting things out. What is everyone doing to stay on top of their skills/ plans/ adventures while we're stuck at home?
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    Self-isolation in clean air, salt water. Tomales Bay, CA; March 21

    Grateful that we live on the lake here and have the boat in the water behind the house. All the clubs, beaches, and ramps are closed right now.
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    Socially Distant Racing Wanted (Gulf Coast AL)

    Something cool to try is to sail around alone BUT make it a remote race. With a lot of boating apps you can save your track as well as your distance, total time, max speed, average speed, etc. I've done this using the Navionics app with my friends that couldn't be together to race. It keeps...
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    Christmas on the charts

    I found the North Pole on Navionics! and apparently there is a rod shop there! Also, did ya'll know how many lakes, bays, coves, islands and cays have the name Christmas?! It became apparent when using the search feature in my Navionics app:
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    Exxpedition- a sailing voyage to save the planet

    I discovered Exxpedition, an all-female research expedition to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. What an amazing experience for young women (or any women) around the world...
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    Update navigation apps AND charts

    A friend of mine recently ran aground and did some serious damage to his boat (thankfully nobody was injured) due to allegedly inaccurate charts. However, when we dug into it, turns out my friend had not updated his navigation charts or the navigation app. Personally I use Navionics app on my...
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    Plotter sync

    Anyone tried plotter sync with their app? you should be able to see your routes etc from your app also on your plotter
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    AIS on Navionics app?!

    Did ya'll see the AIS is available through the Navionics app now?! AIS in the Navionics Boating App This is a feature that was historically only available to pretty high end equipment. I could definitely see this being a huge help in low vis areas. Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Re-charting after hurricanes

    Has anyone heard if Navionics plans to facilitate re-charting of the areas impacted by the hurricanes this year like they did after Hurricane Michael? (for reference: Important Coastline Updates to Areas in the Florida Panhandle Post-Hurricane Michael )
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    Classic sailing sunset

    Snagged this beauty while out sailing and collecting some sonarchart data for Navionics charts!