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    For Sale: 1987 Capri 14.2 - Northern Va.

    Here are some pictures....
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    For Sale: 1987 Capri 14.2 - Northern Va.

    Hi All, I have come to the difficult decision to sell my 1987 Capri 14.2, hull #2865. It is a Mod 2 in good condition for it's age. It has a solid hull, 2.5 hp Johnson outboard, a trailer, Harken roller furler, a good cover, swim ladder, and all of the lines you'd need to sail away today. The...
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    Best way to protect a moored Capri from thieves

    My suggestion is to take the rudder, sails, and boom with you when you go.
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    Demasted in 24 kt Winds

    I lost a shroud in moderate winds when I first got my Mod 2, a simple issue of age and wear. Mangled the mast step in the process. Catalina had the parts in stock and they were relatively cheap and easy to install. I was tempted to re-attach the step in such a way that it would be stronger...
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    Discovering the limits of a Capri 14.2

    I sail primarily out of Monroe Bay near Colonial Beach, but usually wait until later in the Spring and in the Summer. I've got a roller furler on the jib, so I usually just furl the jib if the wind gets to be too much. All that info is good to know, thanks!
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    Replacement of Teak

    I've never rep[laced mine, but have two suggestions. First, you may be surprised at how well teak responds to a good sanding and varnish/oiling. The reason they use it on boats is its resistance to rot. Second, if you can find one in your area, se eif you can find a good woodworking shop...
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    Boat Motor for an Expo 14.2???

    One thing to bear in mind is that in some states (at least in Virginia) once you get a motor, you have to register the boat.
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    Humming Centerboard

    Kinda like sweeping the wings on a supersonic jet!
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    GPS Speedometer

    I've got Motion X on an iPhone. It is a great program, but will say two things about it. First, it appears to be quite a battery sucker. Second, be careful not to get your phone wet.
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    Replace Shrouds?

    Replacing them is not hard at all and you can get them through Catalina Direct. Ask yourself this: Would I rather replace them now, or deal with them when they break out on the water? (I had to deal with mine when they broke out on the water, it was not fun).
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    Dude Sailing in Viagra Commercial

    Yep, I laughed out loud.
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    Roller furler problem

    I have a used Mod 2 that came with a Harken roller furler that I assume is stock. Mike does not have a spring (come to think of it, I don't think any boat with a roller furler that I've sailed had a spring-loaded roller furler). In any event, mine has a small line attached to the drum. When I...
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    Water-tight hatch Up grade for Mod 2

    I too toyed with the idea of removing the trash-can and putting in a hatch cover (there are a lot of posts about it with different ideas). I finally decided to be a minimalist on what I bring with be and have decided to stick with the trash-can.
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    Under deck mast support broken

    How loose are your shrouds? I do not think that the mast step is designed to hold the mast up, just hold it in place. In theory, the only real load on the mast step should be vertical. Sorry, no real advice on what to do next without your tools handy.