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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    I am interested in the cockpit hatches. Are they still available? I definitely want them if you do.
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Do you have the cockpit hatches still available? I also have a 1978 and am in the process of replacing missing and broken parts. Any parts that you have , I would be interested. Thanks, Jeff Z.
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    looking for cushions 1979 j-24 # 338

    I am looking for a complete set of cushions for my boat. Please contact me @ . I am located outside Buffalo N.Y. Thank You
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    Well used sails cheap

    I am interested in either of the genoas. Mine are just tired and dirty, plan to use them for daysailing. Please E-mail me @ Jeff Zimmerman
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    Also looking for the brackets that hold the cooler in place. brackets, slats, etc. Please E-mail me if you you do. Thanks, Jeff Z.
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    Tillotson 1978 J/24 parts for sale

    I am looking for the teak mirror above the sink. I will buy it if you have it because I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Please E-mail me. @ Thanks, Jeff
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    keel bolt leaking

    The marina manager here in Buffalo called me today to inform me that water was leaking from the keel bolts on my j-24 and recommended that He drop the keel and rebed the bolts and keel joint. There is no sign of a crack where the keel meets the hull so I am confused as to why it is leaking. Any...
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    For sale: North Genoa & Main

    Thomas, I am wondering if the main is still available and if you have an idea what shipping would be to Buffalo N.Y. Is the sail still crispy. I would use it for recreational sailing. Thanks,
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    looking for pattern or dimensions for map table

    I am wondering if anyone has the dimensions for map table. I am restoring my j-24 hull# 338 to its original condition and cant seem to find this last piece. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff Z.
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    I am very interested in purchasing these cushions if they are still available. please call me at 716-906-4771 if they are. thanks, Jeff Z.