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    Demasted in 24 kt Winds

    Dave (et al) thanks for the reminder. I just went to catalinadirect and ordered replacements shoruds!
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    Boat heads up when close hauled in strong wind

    heading up The problem is the capri was designed to use the jib. When it's missing, the mainsail creates a moment (torque), tending to point you up. Think of the mast as an axis about which the wind and water forces act to rotate the boat. if you must work without a jib, perhaps try shortening...
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    APS Mast float real-world test

    wild day on the bay Geez skyfree, you really had an adventure! I have sailed a lot in the north bay and can attest to the strong winds and windwaves. I can imagine the sick feeling of watching your boat sail away. I am interested to hear any ideas about securing the tiller while sailing at...
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    foam Hey Jim, I bet the foam didn't provide enough floatation to prevent the turtling but probably helped my son to right the boat. It's a cheap and easy upgrade and I would say it can't hurt. I may buy a baby bob after seeing MajorH's great video performance :)
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    foam vs float Thanks for the pics. My son turtled ours, and so I ran out to the hardware store and got some foam. When I looked inside the mast with a flashlight, I found the foam was already there. :eek: The float is definitely the way to go. Cheers, -J
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    history Page

    Hi Berine, I think the FAQ first section is the Histroy folks are referring to... -J
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    Some basic questions

    fathers and sons My motive for buying my capri was the same as yours - teaching my sons to sail, and we have been very happy with it. The great thing about the capri is that it has a lot of rigging and adjustments that can really keep two people occupied. I've sailed small and large boats and...
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    I love this boat! Trapeze question.

    speed Fan, Thanks for the advice. The structure looks to me like it would need reinforcement for supporting a trapeze. We got our Capri to plane on a broad reach a few times and the speed was exhilarating! BTW, the moth I trained on was not a hydrofoil. That WOULD be fun. Cheers, -J
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    Sailing Downwind

    when to vang... "When would you want the vang to be a little looser. I can't think of a situation." If you release the vang in a close haul, you will get two benefits, the sail will naturally take on a more efficient shape to produce forward lift, and the boat will heel signficantly less...
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    I love this boat! Trapeze question.

    I absolutely love this boat! I bought a used 1988 in great shape about 6 months ago to teach my sons to sail, and we are having a blast. It is amazingly agile and responsive to tuning and adjustments. Very stable with two people hiking out. As a kid I trained on a moth and a catalina 27. We...