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    Ouch, my aching buns

    That's what the throwable life preserver is for :)
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    Single Handed Mast Raising

    I have a rope with a snap clip that I attach to the forestay. I run the rope around the winch drum on the front of the trailer. I climb in the boat and raise the mast and pull the rope fairly tight and tie it off on the jib cleat on the mast. I can climb out of the boat and hold the forestay...
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    Motor question

    Checkout this article on Lehr Propane outboard motors.
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    I don't think the Capri 14.2 mast and mast mounting system can handle the weight and load of trapeze. I used to have a Solcat 18 cameraman that was setup with twin trapeze on each side and the mast and mast mount are a lot stronger plus the boat had 220 sf of sail area with a 28 foot mast.
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    Adjusting the main stays

    Go to this link from North Sails on Capri 14.2 setup.
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    Restore Help

    No but the bungee cord stretches pretty good so you want to have enough tension to hold the hiking straps up.
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    Restore Help

    It's bungee cord and I beleave it's 3/8" just like the center board hold down.
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    Another hiking strap long should they be?

    Should just be able to measure the distance between the metal stays that hold the straps and add about 3-4 inches for sewing the front ones need to be a little loose so the bungee will hold them up.
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    Center Board Dropping into Hull when Turtled

    If you had the correct size bungee cord attached to the center board it should have stayed in position
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    Jib Halyard

    If you look in the C14.2 hand book the jib halyard goes down thru the middle of the lower cleat then up thru the block then down to the jam cleat. I use it but don't over tighten it.
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    Capri 14.2 mast head does not have a sheave

    Have you looked at the Capri 14.2 handbook listed on this site. All Capri 14.2 sailboats came with a masthead sheave for the main sheet.
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    Installing a Tiller Tamer, few questions...

    It looks good but it look like it's mounted a little far out on the tiller so that when you turn the tiller it will get a lot of slack. It should be mounted so that the arc is the same when you turn the tiller from side to side. I had to adjust my mounting point on my tiller for the same reason.
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    Newbie Sail hoisting question

    Instead of the expenses of a can of track lube just try rubbing a bar of Ivory soap on the ropes that slides in the grooves. The bar of soap works good on zippers that are out in the weather to.
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    Whisker Pole Eye Pad

    Here's an article on making your own whisker pole.
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    Installing a Tiller Tamer, few questions...

    It holds the tiller in position so when you sail single handed and you have to move forward in the boat to adjust the jib or other things that when the boat rocks from side to side the tiller and rudder don't move back and forth and a possibly you to capsize.