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    1976 sunfish restored + trailer

    Visit this website to see what the boat looks like The boat is a 1976 AMF sunfish, I painted the deck, installed inspection ports, a hiking strap, all the basic race upgrades. The sail is the original, no rips or holes. It is just slightly...
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    Orbital Sander vs Belt Sander

    I prefer a orbital sander however I never used a belt sander on my boat before. If you decide to go with an orbital make sure you start the sander while its laying on the boat and not in there air. I say this becuase if your not careful and do start it in the air and bring it down to fast on the...
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    wow...hilu scammers

    I just realized that you really can never trust anyone. I stumbled across this ad online for the rare Alcort AMF Hiilu for sale in New Brunswick CA. Here is the ad (do not send this guy an email its a scam,) I emailed the guy to get more information. He was very shady, would not send me pictures...
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    rear attachment hiking strap

    When I bought the boat, it was already there. Im not sure why though. Maybe they used it for repairs or to dry out the boat. Thats all I can figure.
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    rear attachment hiking strap

    Here is how I mounted mine. I don't have any completed pics but you can get the picture. First I drilled holes and slid the bolts through Next I made a mold with duck tape and filled it with gel coat. As you can see it is hard and secure, it supports my weight with no problem. I...
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    Alcort hilu

    I know this is a rare shot, but if anyone has one of these they are looking to sell hit me up. :)
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    Looking for sunfish in need of restoration

    I am looking for sunfish in need of restoration near where I am located in York, PA. Hull damage, bad paint, over weight, doesn't matter, just need a good price. I prefer the boats to be complete with deck hardware and sail.
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    1976 sunfish….finally restored.

    West Marine. Here is the link The 1/4 size fits perfect. You will need 2 orders of it to cover the entire deck and the cockpit.
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    New aluminum siding

    I believe this is the product your looking for. However if your willing to put out the money I recommend buying TACOs 1/4 inch flex trim product found here Here is a picture of it installed on a sunfish
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    1976 sunfish….finally restored.

    Thanks for the comments. I have the other eye straps there for tieing down stuff to the deck that normally get in my way (like my paddle). I just started installing the hiking strap in the rear. I took some crappy pics with the iphone today. I will get better ones soon. Here is what I have...
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    1976 sunfish….finally restored.

    This past week I finished my sunfish restoration process. I want to thank everyone on this forum for helping me do this project. I would of been lost with out everyone. I hope you guys like it!! The complete work log with more pictures and details can be found here. I uploaded this site to my...