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    J24 5320 for sale; City Island NY,

    5320 is still available
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    J24 5320 for sale; City Island NY,

    Triad dual axel galvanized trailer, 4hp 2018 Yamaha. Boat is always race ready. Tacktick, Hall carbon tapered pole, sails are 2017 and 2018. Lopez blocks and alternate set of Ronstans' and two additional sets of club race sails. Very clean boat and rig. Boat is located on City Island Owner is...
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    Declining J/24 Interest ?

    We still have a good j24 fleet, fl61 City Island, Eastchester Bay, and yes the fleet is getting older. This year we started sailing with only 4 and light weights at that so we come in around 625. This makes it a much nicer boat to sail. Our performance was down a little but that was due to new...
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    Declining J/24 Interest ?

    Last year we saw a resurgence in j24 interest and primarily because of the easy entry to the Worlds in Rochester. Then Sail;ing world highlighted the resurgence in j24 in a cover issue so why in the world did the class go back to the old highly restricted way of qualifying? Was it because...
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    Looking for a Laser in eastern Massachusetts

    I have one for sale asking $2k as has new North rolled up sail.
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    Need mast

    Have a capri at the harlem YC and need new mast:mad: :mad: