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    Reefing Point Measurement Please

    Reefing Point Measurment I would say it depends. It depends on the wind conditions you want to sail in. The more you reef, the less sail surface and the more manageable the boat becomes with strong winds. I placed my reefing points just below the first batten, at about 1 meter from the boom. I...
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    Question on Propeller Rotation and Effects of Outboard Motor on Direction of Boat

    Propeller Directions I understand the forward/reverse difference. But, alas, here's what I picked up in Sailing Class (mind you I only just graduated!): (Sorry the lingo comes from spanish so I may have the translation wrong) Seen from the stern and IN BOTH cases in FORWARD march...
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    Loose Shrouds

    Sounds to loose to me. Mine are set in the middle hole, and are a tight fit to get in. My guess is that when they put the furling in they made it too long. Does your mast lean back a bit? If so, maybe you can shorten the furling and solve the problem. Otherwise, you may have to shorten all of...
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    Newbee needs help

    Rigging Pictures I've started amassing pictures of various rigging, so, if you need one in particular, let me know and I'll send you what I have. Daniel
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    Picture Y Crutch Here is the picture of the Y Crutch Mounted on the Rudder Mount
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    Centerboard Bracket Diagram

    solution to reefing quandrum Thanks. Here is the post I put up with the REEFING solution, which is working out GREAAAAAT! Pictures included:
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    Centerboard Stops Worn Away. Serious Problem?

    Going out with Wife and WIND Your situation sounds a bit like mine; take a look at my post and pics about how I adapted my mainsail with a reefing point, taking in a good three feet of sail so that on a windy day, with just the mainsail, you can go out and not worry much about capsizing. I just...
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    Stern Mast Crutch

    here is what my boat hadn (see picture): A "Y" shaped metal crutch which fits into the rudder mount of the boat. The two nuts at the top end (just under the "y" serve to stop the crutch as you put it through the mount holes. Works like a charm. I dont have a picture of it mounted, if I...
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    Question on Propeller Rotation and Effects of Outboard Motor on Direction of Boat

    Here's a techie question for the physisist sailors: I understand that propellers, depending on how they rotate, will pull the boat Starboard or Portside. I don't recall which is which? So that leads to the question, given than the Outboard motor mount is on the Port Side, which would suggest to...
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    Rear hiking strap - how does it attach?

    Picture of Rear Hiking Strap Here is a picture of my strap, probably not how it's supposed to go, but it was as I got it when I bought the boat used.
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    Centerboard Bracket Diagram

    Confirmation of Brackets Size I have now installed the brackets made from this diagram and THEY WORK PERFECTLY! One modificaiton that my metalman did which is optional, but perhaps less practical than the CATALINA design in which two studs (a male and female) are welded onto the brackets, in...
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    Question on Reefing (Reducing Main Sail)

    Excelent Solution to Easy Sailing on Very Windy Days - Mainsail Take up!!! (Reefing) I love sailing on windy days, the adrenaline is Great, but sometimes, you want smooth no risk sailing, and its too windy, or, my wife wants to go out and cant handle the crazy winds. So the solution ... I...
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    Question on Centerboard Rigging

    cordoba and buenos The pictures of my boat are taken in cordoba where I have my home and live near a lake. But, I've been living in Buenos Aires for work reason for the last 24 months. I miss my boat, my home and the lake though, and go home and sail whenever I can.
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    Improvement Pictures #2

    Centerboard Cleat That's conveniente! Do you happen to have the centerboard mount brackets handy? If so, I'd appreciate you giving me measurements as I am having them made (i live in Argentina). Or maybe check the measurements I have posted on this forum to see if they're right? Thanks
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    Centerboard stop?

    Centerboard Stop Built in That's cool! I don't know the origin, but that's one less piece of equipment to worry about. I don't have anything, but the hole and now need to make something up!