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    Two top sections

    I am interested in one of your top mast sections, and possibly both of them. Can you provide me with the shipping costs for both of them and for just one of them to 46737? I could pick up a UPS shipment in Waterloo, Indiana where they have a "depot" instead of having them deliver to my home, if...
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    2001 Laser for Sale

    Still available? Please call 772-562-0515. Thanks.
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    Laser wanted - West Michigan

    I have a 1975 Laser in VERY GOOD condition. A trailer in excellent condition is available also...can deliver for slight fee. Please call me at 260-eight three three- 9896 if interested. -- Jack
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    Used Laser Controls Upgrade

    I'm interested in your upgrade package. Is it still available?
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    The above items have been SOLD.
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    The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County is reducing our collection of unused supplies and equipment to maximize our use of space and provide income for our youth sailing program. Among our excess items is a set of covers for a Sunfish sailboat. Included are a well- designed blade...
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    1978 Sunfish

    Mark, I am interested in your Sunfish as a possible acquisition for the Sailing Foundation of Indian River County. Is your boat still available? If so, please contact me at 772-562-zero-five-one-five (but only if your boat is of standard weight and not waterlogged.) Thanks!
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    The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County (Florida) needs a radial lower mast section. Some of the youth in our free program are not able to use our full rig Laser, but they would be able to sail a radial rig. We have a radial sail, so only need the lower mast section. Please let me...
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    Bottom Cover - $120

    Heavy duty bottom cover. Excellent condition. Extremely durable. Reflective film on rear for night driving safety. Cost $235 new. Call two six zero 833 9896. No texting please.
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    Laser Rudder Blade and Daggerboard GRP

    Is your rudder blade still available? The photo makes it appear to be in excellent this the case? Is there any warpage?
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    Reconditioned Daggerboard

    I have done a thorough job of reconditioning a class legal daggerboard from a 2006 Laser. It is in very close to new condition. I will send photos on request. Thanks. -- Jack
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    Tiller extension (old style)

    The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County was given a 1975 Laser with the original ash tiller. The tiller extension has broken, however. We would be quite satisfied with an extension like the ones that came with the boats way back when. If you happen to upgrade your extension and...
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    Bailer Ball Needed

    I am looking for ONE bailer ball. They only seem to be sold retail in packages of five which includes five washers as well. Does anyone have a single bailer ball they could part with for a boat donated to our Youth Sailing Foundation which we will be trying to sell? Please respond directly to...
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    Like New 4.7 Sail

    For sale is a class legal, 4.7 sail that has been used VERY little. Included are a sail bag, a full set of battens, and shipping within the continental US. Please call 1-260-833-nine eight nine six, if interested. Photos available on request.