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    For Sale: 1992 Mod 2 Capri 14.2 with modifications

    Adjusted asking price Adjusting asking price to $2,750.00 for boat and trailer. Thank you, John
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    I have a 1992 for sale I just posted. Additional photos under the thread "Evaluating my 14.2"

    I have a 1992 for sale I just posted. Additional photos under the thread "Evaluating my 14.2"
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    For Sale:  1992 Mod 2 Capri 14.2 with modifications

    Modified 1992 Capri 14.2 with trailer. Vin CPSD37886192 I have added a mast support to the 2002 Shorlander Tad'pull trailer. I have removed the bow box and added decking and a hatch. I have changed the configuration of the centerboard controls. They are now fore/aft with a camcleat w/...
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    Mod II Canvas cover

    Pictures I took some pictures, but they didn't come out to great on the iphone
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    Mod II Canvas cover

    If anyone is interested, I have the cuddy snap on cover. Let me know if you are interested via email to I can place the item on ebay, or do a direct sale via paypal money transfer.
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    Boom vang

    Thanks Awesome, thanks. I was looking at the handbook and it looked like it was tied off to the becket on the single block and I couldn't get it to work. Yikes, When will I learn :)
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    Hatch cover

    Modifications I'll see about going over to the inlaws where the boat is stored to take pictures. I used two brass hinges just above the hiking strap brackets. A piece of MDF composite cut to the shape(traced the bow box I removed) and a bracket pin style clasp. I've been debating for a while...
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    Evaluating my 14.2

    Decking I will try to get a picture tomorrow, If I have time. I took two lengths of 2x2 and ran them fore and aft in the cuddy, I leveled them with blocking as best I could. I then ran 1x4" slats port to starboard. Had I thought of it, I should have varnished the wood, but It did not occur to...
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    Evaluating my 14.2

    Attempt to add pictures It was fairly windy and I could not point her into the wind so the sails are barely shown, but here are a few pictures I was able to take.
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    Boom vang

    Can someone give me a hand. I replaced my vang blocks and rope. Looking for help setting it back up. A picture would be worth ten thousand words :) I attached a single block with becket to the wire lead and replaced the v jam with a fiddle block with becket and came cleat. I can't for the life...
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    Evaluating my 14.2

    I'm thinking about putting my 14.2 up for sale towards the end of the season. Any idea for a respectable source for finding a rough value of my boat? I did a search on NADA boat Blue Book, however, under Catalina, the 14.2 isn't an available model until 2001. Based on my hull number and title...
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    Halyard operation

    I just may do that... I spoke to SLO, and they can add teflon impregnated slugs to the mainsail. I was informed that in general, since its a small craft it wouldn't make much difference, but given the situation I explained to him, it may fit the bill. The cost seemed reasonable as well, I just...
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    Replacement Hiking Straps

    Replaced last year Last year I got a quote for $99 plus shipping from CatalinaDirect. However, I ended up having a friend of a friend make some out of webbing, neoprene and a nylon outer shell. Overall, a set of three cost me about $90, so I only saved a little money.
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    Halyard operation

    Hoisting sails The local sailing instruction course I took used a Flying Scott 16' sloop rigged boat. I'm not sure if its universal on their boats, but the main halyard was wire with a side mount hand winch. I really don't have any personal experience with its operation. The reason my better...
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    For Sale: C14 Sails - used

    Oh if only I were in Az Sounds like a wonderful thing, I wish I were not in Central NY lol