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    Rudder makes contact with motor mount

    We have the factory motor mount on the port side of our Expo and their is interference with the factory rudder.
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    Tips for stepping a 14.2 Expo mast

    Bernard, I feel your pain. I usually have two people holding the mast while I try to set it on the pin. It helps if you have someone looking down the mast hole to help guide you. It is more a hit and miss with us, just kind of moving it around until it seats. We also put the boat on the...
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    Catalina Expo

    We have had our boat for 5 years and have never taken the sail off of the mast. I don't know about the plug.
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    Boat Motor for an Expo 14.2???

    I had the same question three years ago when we bought our Expo. Best motor we found was the Honda 2hp long shaft. It is a four stroke and weighs 28lbs. We fill it up with gas in the spring and never use anymore. Only used to get out and back from the dock. Has been very reliable for us...
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    14.2 Expo Owner joining forum

    Our boat dealer ordered custom sails when stocking their inventory, so this appears to be an option when ordering. The dealer installed the transom and motor mount when we purchased the boat. I would highly recommend some type of step, it helps if you were to have to get in the boat after a...
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    14.2 Expo Owner joining forum

    Longtime forum lurker, finally decided to join. I saw the thread on motor mounting, thought I would post a picture of my factory mount. I own a 14.2 Expo, I haven't seen many pictures on here of one. I use a Honda 2hp motor, saw many recommendations on this forum for that particular model...