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    Tunes on the Sunfish

    Anybody have an inexpensive solution for an inexpensive CD/MP3 on your boat? Thanks
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    Sunfish with a jib

    Interesting this subject came up recently when I was given some deck hardware. The previous owner told me how he had sailed a sunfish with an extra sail years ago. He must have been talking about the ready to go jib kit. I would love to see some info on this.
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    How old were your children the first time you took them sailing?

    Good answers so far. Thanks to everyone :)
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    2009 Sunfish N.A.'s Race One Helmet Cam video - edited

    Cool! What was with the blue/yellow rec sail? Non racer so if this is obvious forgive me.
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    Swing Keel Sunfish - LOL - ebay

    agreed. I meant the fireball in general. I was not familiar with them until now.
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    Swing Keel Sunfish - LOL - ebay

    Thanks. That seems like a really fun boat.
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    How old were your children the first time you took them sailing?

    Is there a recommended age children should be before they go sailing with you? I know wearing a life vest and being able to swim would be important, but is there a typical age when they are ready to be on the Sunfish with you?
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    What determines quality on charter trip?

    I looked but chartering really is not on my horizon so I did not complete the survey.
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    Swing Keel Sunfish - LOL - ebay 1980 Sunfish? Length:15.0 feet?? Keel:Swing??? Vehicle Description For sale: 15 foot sailboat, it used to be the fastest on Acton Lake. There is a...
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    Not to be dramatic but a warning for the kids. (Is the Sunfish forum 13 and up?) ***This trip is dangerous. Trying it in your Sunfish could cause death***. Westport, Ma to Nantucket Island open water trip. 3.5 hours x 4 MPH= 14 miles? I am not recommending this trip, but it was an...
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    Sunfish for Sale - MASS.

    I offered to post this for the seller. I have not seen this boat. If you have questions reply to his craigslist ad. I am going to pass because I am not in the mood to track down a good used rudder. I still need to varnish thte one I have :D Unfortunately, I do not know the age of the...
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    Sunfish for sale in NE

    I would like to know also if it is available.
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    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    LOL I guess I got spoiled with my first 2 sunfish. One I cleaned up, made a few dollars on, and kept a homemade dolly that lets me to take it to a pond a couple blocks from my dads house. The second I got the hull for free, rounded up some inexpensive parts, and for a few hundred dollars and...
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    Sunfish, Laser, or Force 5?

    parts for the force 5 seem to be tough to come by. I saw a force 5 for sale cheap but when I started googling for parts almost nothing came up. I did not see any listings of any force 5 stuff on ebay. If I am wrong and someone has good sources for used parts and new parts please post them...
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    1969 Sunfish for sale

    I have a picture I can email. Send me your phone number and I will call to answer your questions. I did not bring my computer with me so I'm posting from my phone and typing is tricky.