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    For Sale:  1992 Catalina Capri

    As you can see from the pictures this boat is like new. It comes with trailer, sails, motor mount, 2 HP motor, and new Shrouds. The boat is perfect. I was asked if it was a brand new boat this summer! The boat is located in northern indiana. (Fort wayne area) I am trying to buy a house...
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    Lucky You I would be sailing now too, but in Indiana its about 20 degrees and the lakes are frozen....until next season
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    More Pixs. Anyone else have any cool pix? We need some action photos!!!
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    Hikin Straps

    My boat came without hiking straps and I found them to be about $100.00. Do you actually use them on these boats? I have only been out once and didn't even know the boat originally came with them. Please advice.
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    Standing Rig for 14.2

    Where is the best place to get replacement shrouds and forestays? Catalina Direct wants like 50.00 for each shroud. This seems expensive.
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    Pix My New Boat. 1992 with the rare blue and yellow sails
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    Anyone want to share a picture or two of their boat?