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    Wanted: 14.2 Parts Wanted

    I have what you're looking for Hi Eric: I have all the parts you're looking for! Sadly, my capri (Hull #533) was in a car accident and has gone off to sail the lakes in the sky. Consequently, I have the following: 1. Rudder, tiller and extension $100. This is in good shape. There is a...
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    For Sale: Mast, boom, centerboard for sale - Phoenix AZ

    mast is still for sale Colin: Mast is still for sail. Sorry to hear about your incident with the tree. If you'd like to make arrangements send me an email at or call me at 480-223-2334 Fair winds, javier ________ Live sex
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    For Sale:  Mast, boom, centerboard for sale - Phoenix AZ

    Hull 533 met her tragic death at the local intersection after a car crash. No one hurt. Trailer and boat are both gone. Sails are not for sale. Mast - has a small dent at the top which does not interfere with the function of the mast. One of the spreader bases is bent. $100. Lots of new...
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    Capri C 14 Free

    I've got a good home! Hi there! I had a c14 until recently when I ran a red light and got t-boned, so consequently, I have a mast, two sets of sails but sadly no trailer and no hull. Sounds like we might have a match! Can I call you tomorrow to talk about your boat? thanks javier...
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    capri 14.2 for sale

    Where is the boat? ________ Live Sex
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    mounting a whisker pole

    Hi all: I've recently acquired a capri 14 and ordered a new whisker pole for it. Can anyone help me figure out the best place to mount the whisker pole when not in use (hardware required and where to get it)? I've seen mountings on different kinds of boats that go on the booms and some that...