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    #2342 - Rodeo Clown - For Sale or Charter for NA's

    The Rodeo Clown is for sale! That's right folks, you know her and love her for her 70's brown racing stripes and now she can be yours. In the past year we restored her from bug infested abandoned hulk to a final race at Canyon Lake of 5th place on Sunday. She's had all the work done to get her...
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    Your used Genoa?

    Send me a pic!
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    Your used Genoa?

    can you send me a few photos, please?? Thanks!
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    New j/24 spinnaker

    I'm interested. Message me or reply here. Thanks.
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    Help identifying this part!

    Agreed - that is your split backstay that attaches to a "y" and then the single 304ss cable to the backside of the stop of your mast. The adjustment line connects through the blocks and then routes in front of the traveler (one cleat on both sides) to allow for quick application while driving.
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    Your used Genoa?

    Looking to sell sail inventory? I'm looking to buy. What do you have?