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    Old Metal Bailer Question

    I suppose to some this might seem like a dumb question, but . . . how do I find out if the ball is still inside the old style metal bailer without removing it? If it is gone, can the ball be replaced? I'll be honest, if the only alternative is to remove the old bailer and purchase a newer...
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    Repair badly damaged bow; PLEASE HELP

    First, we installed an access hole. We had intended on doing this before our accident, but we decided that this was an absolutely fitting time to do so. We cut back the damage a bit and then borrowed a grinder from my brother. After we grinded the damaged area back as instructed, we decided...
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    Repair badly damaged bow; PLEASE HELP

    Hello Everbody! First, thank-you everyone for all your encouragement, experiences, tutorials, and advice. As the weather has warmed up here in the Lou and Paul and I have found the time, we have started our sunfish nose repair. Please, please go easy on us as neither of us have ever worked...
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    Newbie here has an embarrassing question

    Hello Everyone: Well, my hubby and I live in St. Louis, MO and we are beginning to think about the upcoming sailing season. We are newbies . . . period! We bought our 73 Sunfish at the beginning of August last year and took it to the lake for the first time about two weeks later. Well, to...