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    New centre plate

    Both (vang tail & bungee) fit through the hole in my dagger board...
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    New centre plate

    I actually drilled my hole out a little wider so that I can feed the vanf tail in...
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    Carbon or Aluminium?

    I didnt have to reduce mine and Ive never broken it. Been sailing for 2 and 1/2 years with this carbon fiber one.
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    Time to Re-Apply Teflon Polish?

    I think that I feel faster after polishing my hull but really think its a mental thing... So im not too sure yet.
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    New centre plate

    I havent made a handle for my board and I dont even notice when pulling it up or down. I would say it is personal preference...
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    Charter available US Natls Long Beach Aug 08

    I wasnt able to talk my wife out of the Cancun trip. Thanks for the info though...
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    Charter available US Natls Long Beach Aug 08

    How much? does it leak? does it have the new hardware cleat? What is the deposit?
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    The Road to Peeps (Easter Laser Regatta)

    Look everyone Fred grew bunny ears over this event!
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    The Road to Peeps (Easter Laser Regatta)

    I will drive down leaving Friday at 3pm. Takes me about 3 hours. I would go earlier but my fiance gets off work at 8am and she wants to sleep before we leave and she cant sleep in the car. I will sail in fort worth Friday during the day to get some more boat time. See you soon...
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    de power

    Cunningham, cunningham and when you think you have it on tight try harder. Twinkies, and chipoltle burritos have 1995 calories in them. And to get your legs prepared do a bunch of squats or lunges.
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    3M Marine Sealent

    Yeah I just use regular ol silicone. When I was a kid I used 5200 and when it came time to reseal later it was really hard to get things apart and resealed. My boat never leaks with the standard stuff.
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    Easter Laser Regatta

    (\__/) (='.'=) My Bunny (")_(")
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    How To Install A Self Bailer First Time?

    I have found that using an overkill of silicone around the edges helps produce more suction than without. Making the water empty out a bit faster than the other way (without silicone). I did take a cloth and wipe the excess off so that it had less drag.
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    Pics of Clew blocks

    Here is a pic of mine, looks similar to above...
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    Easter Laser Regatta

    Merrily look forward to seeing you there... I hope this gets an even bigger turnout due to the J22 MW's. Im going home tonight and doing a bunch of squats on my power rack to prepare for the long heavy air upwind legs. Ive been practicing for the cold by going out in the sleet and snow... I hope...