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    90' 14.2 w/trailer For Sale in Bucks County, PA

    See ypur Private mail I sent you some info. Art
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    1996 Capri 14.2, Trailer and 2.5HP in Pennslvania

    1996 Capri 14.2, Trailer and 3.5HP in Pennslvania Art
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    Stern Cleats

    Be sure to make use of years of archived information by... using the search button at the top of the window, just under the "Welcome, <username>" banner. Chances are pretty good that if you have aquestion, someone asked a very similiar one in the past. If you scroll down a little in the...
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    Recommendation for replacement sheets

    what about the main sheet Ed, Waht diameter do you suggest for the main sheet? I do not race so I do not need anything extravagant. There seems to be so many different materials can you make a more specific recommendation? Thanks, Art
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    Recommendation for replacement sheets

    I have the original sheets that are about a half inch in diameter. I would like to replace these. Can anyone recommnend the type of material line to use? Source and part number maybe? I do have a West Marine nearby. I have seen that others have used smaller diameter line, is this because it's...
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    Roller Furling Info

    Stepping the mast Rob, Do a search on this forum for stepping and you find several suggestions for stepping the mast. I have a Harkin Roller, trailer the boat and step the mast by myself using the following steps. Absolutely no problem. I bought my C14 used and it came with the roller...
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    Jib Windows with roller furler. Size?

    I have found that while sailing solo, visibility is pretty lousy through the orignal window on my 1996 14.2. I would like to look into adding more window area to the Jib (by a sail loft). I would like to know of others who have done this and what size/palacement. Also, are their any concerns...
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    Near disaster

    Reef point position OK 2 years after talking about it, I think I will be getting reef points put in. I do not want to do it myself, so I will be taking it to a sail loft. I am trying to determine how high up to have the reef points placed. I have one drawing that places the reef points 2 foot...
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    Roller Furler Sheet connection

    Race Visit Richard, Yes I was there asd a guest of Brian Anderson andwas out on the start boat (can't remember the official name for it). I believe that you were also on it, at the helm mostly, correct? I had a great time. As for the Jib sheets, coiling would probably work. Thanks for the...
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    Roller Furler Sheet connection

    I am planning now for the warmer weather ahead. I want to replace the main and Jib sheets. I believe that I currently have the original (fat ones). I know that I haves een that they can be replaced with thinner ones. I have a roller furler on th Jib. What I would like to do is to get...
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    Battery For Trolling Motors

    Be careful trailering with battery in the cuddy! I would be careful trailering a C14 with the battery in the cuddy. See this link Capri 14.2 National Association > Capri 14 Forum > Capri/Catalina 14 Talk Trailer Info. For a description of what I did to alleviate my concern for the...
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    boom line

    I have a boom kicker and it works well. Mine does not look or FEEL too good. The fiberglass rods are fraying and if you rub against it you will know it for a few days! Mine is probably12 years old and the previous owner was not into covering the boat all summer! I have never seen or used a...
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    Daysailing modifications, improvements, gadgets.

    I made a mast crutch from 2 pieces of thin 3/8 marine plywood and some 1 by 3 lumber. I wanted it to support a tarp for storage, able to travel, assist with raising the mast, easy to install and remove and very few loose parts. It seems to meet all of the above. To install it I slip it...
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    How to get my Capri upside down?

    I have not done this before...but. I would say that if you can determine how to properly support the boat upside down then it would make the work of re-doing the hull 100% easier. I would not consider standing it up on the stern. The boat, without the mast or anything else except for the...