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    New Youtube Video

    Cool video.. I like it. Personally I prefer reaching down very big steep waves in that sort of wind.
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    Laser: Cartop on Volvo Wagon?

    If you do a search you'll also find a lot of tips; like how to mount your Laser onto the roof single-handedly. I don't think you'll have any problems cartopping on a Volvo, as long as your roof-racks can hold the weight. Looserlu has no problems cartopping with his little car which is a Ford...
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    New sail

    It is definitely useful to practice some light wind sailing with the new sail, I found that after buying a new sail my results in light wind dropped.
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    Oh those whacky winds!

    Yeah.. wacky winds, Albert Park lake in Melbourne city. I've only sailed there on one occasion because it's simply a pathetic place to race. But you would be sailing and you see a gust, so you sail into it and watch your wind indicator shift 90 degrees, then you'll tack without the boat changing...
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    Laser Vago

    Moths aren't the right boat for a 17 year old, unlss your parents are willing to fund the never ending costs.. or maybe you have a full time job. It's an experimental class, and very expensive to stay competetive. This also makes boats that are a couple of seasons old very cheap, though no...
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    mainsheet cleats - do you use them?

    Mullet Time has a point, I can't imagine winning races using a cleat. It causes every reaction to be slower. I get sore elbows in long races over 15 knots of wind, I use to cleat off, but now I find that continuing to hold the sheet in your hand, and using your actual body weight to hold the...
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    Hull number

    Mine from the 128000's had a metal plate displaying the number on the cockpit wall, and also stamped into the transom. Both of the numbers were different though, the one on the plate was the number it used in the worlds. That's strange that there isn't one on your transom. The only reason I...
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    Does your Laser have a name?

    I've also noticed that not a lot of Lasers have names. I don't know if this is the reason, but it may be because at the highest level of competition people are constantly updating hulls and sailing provided hulls to the point where there is no centimental value towards the boat anymore. They...
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    Ocean Lasering

    That's really impressing. I know that Bass Strait was the hardest leg when I sailed a 34 footer through there, there were 40 knot winds though. I can't imagine sailing a Laser in Bass Strait. Port Fairy, where I live now is open to Bass Strait conditions, and the swell is enormous. Sailing...
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    Wow, your home made spider looks really great Looserlu.
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    For how long can you straight-leg?

    Until there's a lull, then the boat will capsize on top of me lol. I have very long legs, so my body is way out there. I can probably stay straight legged for most of the upwind leg. The race usually goes for about an hour and we do two laps. Can somebody do the math for me? I donno, maybe...
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    preparing the underside of the hull

    I've actually heard of the grapite powder being used in two cases. My friend Rob, who has been on this forum coated the bottom of his Corsair with graphite powder. I don't know how he applied it. Another case is with 14 foot skiff sailors. Apparently they apply it mixed up with egg whites...
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    preparing the underside of the hull

    Surf wax on the deck would make an awful mess. If it isn't constantly wet whilst in the sun it just melts. You'd get it all over your clothing and probably your sail when it comes time to de-rig.
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    preparing the underside of the hull

    It might work. I've heard of people coating the bottom of their boats with graphite powder
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    how much would you sell this laser for

    Umm, 1/2 the price of a new boat.