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    Boom Position and Sail Shape

    Measure your travelor height from the top of the transom. It sounds like yours is waaaay too low. Also, your mast is raked forward instead of back so you need to lengthen your forestay until you get 22'2" from the top of the mast to the top of the transom. You measure that by attaching a...
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    Lift points

    Another thing you could try is replacing the brass rear eye bolt for the centerboard bungee cord, with a matching stainless bolt. I've used that setup without problems for the past few years.
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    Solo Sailer

    Hey Markjojosh, That eye at the stern near your strap attachment is where you connect your bungee for the centerboard!! How are you keeping the centerboard down if you aren't currently using that eye? Just curious. Also, one way to keep the boat from blowing sideways when you're...
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    Wanted: Mod 3 Capri 14.2

    Sorry, I don't have a boat for you but I'm wondering if you are the folks who make a trip across to Catalina in your 14.2s once a year?
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    Boat Names

    I heard a good one the other day. How about "All Clear"?
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    Hull preparation

    Hi All, Now that my boat has been used for three seasons I decided to bring it home and see what I could do to make sure the bottom was smooth. I didn't try turning it over due to a lack of manpower but I was able to fashion a two by four with a glove on one end to hold the boat up off...
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    Whisker Pole Storage

    I agree with Ed, while racing the only good place for the pole seems to be the floor unfortunately. I plugged my whisker pole by a different method. I took off both ends and drove in two caps from small water bottles liberaly covered in silicone sealant. The caps are a press fit into the tube...
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    Sailing Stories

    Sailing can be fun but not this day. Hi All, I decided to take a camping/sailing trip with my little Hobie monocat up on top of my VW bug the summer before starting college in 1973. It was my first sailboat and I wanted to have a little fun with it so I drove up to Panguitch lake in Southern...
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    What kind of sail do I have?

    As far as I can tell from looking at your picture, you have the standard Catalina sails with their roller furling setup. For daysailing they are fine but for racing you should at least get the hardware to switch over to the hank on jib.
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    Converting to roller furling

    You can't use your old forestay because it needs to be shorter to compensate for the length of the roller furler which becomes part of the overall length. When I went from roller to hank on jib I got a new forestay with the top tang already attached for use with a regular jib.
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    I will be there. I also know that four others from our lake have reservations at a local hotel down there for nationals so there should be five boats coming from Mission Viejo.
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    Broken Mast

    The part you'll get from Dwyer is the bare extrusion. You would need to attach your spreaders at the precise locations plus all other hardware. I'm not sure if the bare mast even comes with the slots milled in for attaching your boom. There would be no holes pre-drilled for locating...
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    We couldn't starbaord tack - what we did wrong?

    Art, the other drawback would be jib sheets too short to use a whisker pole which is essential for racing. I don't do much day sailing since racing is sooooo much more fun!:cool:
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    C-14 Whisker Pole

    Sailing Pro Shop in Seal Beach, CA has them for a little over $100 and they know the correct length and hardware requirements. Talk to Mark Michaelson
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    We couldn't starbaord tack - what we did wrong?

    Once while out single handing a pretty fierce wind came up. It blew so hard that while beating to windward I actually got blown back to a beam reach and had to release my main all the way to keep from going over. Since I was alone I couldn't also release the jib and with just the jib alone the...