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    Virtual Clipper '17 - '18 on

    thxs, it looks like a cool project
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    Sunfish (1981) or Hull and parts

    im interested in a rudder assambley, please let me know if still available and price
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    hehe im one of those anxious for you getting the laser. your son is very lucky to have his mom getting interested in his hobbys and sports:)
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    Locking mast/boom/sail to Sunfish - solutions?

    the only problem with using pvc pipes is that home depot wants almost 80$ for a pipe of that size and diameter
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    Hugely frustrating experience, what went wrong?

    I dont agree with you, the catamarans i have sailed are the contrary (probly its me) but i cant point as good as my sunfish or super snark. Dont even get me started on tacking!:p:p:p tacking on a cat takes its learning curve.
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    Laser Medal Races; Rio 2016

    i havent watched yet, but it says: Olympic sailing Day 11: Men's Finn, Nacra 17 medal races, men's 49er does that means the laser / laser radial races were not televised??? :confused::confused::eek::(:(
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    please if you find out where to watch the other laser races, let me know somebody somewhere has this streams, hmm what about brazil local networks:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: gotta look, ill report back if i find something out.
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    argh!!!!!!! thats the problem why theres no video of those races?????? i can bet theres more people interested in the laser/radial class tha the whole rsx, nacra,fin combined (i kinda like the 470, 49ers :p)
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    im probly bias:p but i dont get that one of the most popular sailing class has only got 1 full day :eek:and rsx, fin ,etc had more air time. common i can assure you more people sail lasers than nacras
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    really?? i was kinda hoping for the mask ip trick! so wait theres no video of the 3rd and 4th race of xu?? (as you can see im on a quest to proof she kinda have an electric motor or super lungs to propel herself lol:p:p) i really dont get how she always seems to overcome penaltys, and always...
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    Refinishing all Wood

    i hear you, but to be honest i kind of like it, different years different wood color stain lol:p personally my 1000s layers of hellsman have held good and not to expensive 20 bucks can gives you a lot of wood to cover
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    im also in the US and i find the sailing transmission has been deficient, i really really wanted to watch xu 3rd and 4th reace and instead NBC just had rsx that day!! from time to time is very choppy. (its not my connection as its one of comcast top tiers) no commentators?????? ( kinda see your...
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    what you guys think about this deal? (im not afraid of reconstructing and fiberglass fixing)

    Hi i got across this craiglist offer: complete laser broken mast step - $150 Needs mast step repaied .,will Include materials to fix. Also has nice wooden rudder and centerboard with the mast, boom and sail as the title says i have done my fair amount of fiberglass/wood fixes (some not pretty...
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    Olympic coverage/Rio 2016

    tell me about it, im paying a lot also to comcast/nbc and specifically when i want to watch xu 3rd and 4th race comeback i cant:mad: i gotta say im been watching her since london 2012 and honestly shes amazing (in my opinion at least) she always some how makes a comeback :eek::eek::eek: shes...